Wen jiang's efforts to build sport and leisure in the equestrian industry show vitality.

Column:Industry dynamic Time:2018-02-07
Salween area is located in the centre, the land of abundance chengdu plain is one of the nine districts of chengdu, in chengdu and upwind, ecological advantages

Salween area is located in the centre, the land of abundance chengdu plain is one of the nine districts of chengdu, in chengdu and upwind, ecological advantages, is the first national comprehensive reform pilot area and western modern service industry's first state-level ecological regions. Salween area on urban and rural areas as a whole train of thought and method, according to industry "high-end, clustering, internationalization" of the request, the district can be divided into six functional districts and two major project area, and guide the high-end industry gathered in area, efforts to build modern service industry, advanced manufacturing and modern agriculture industry cluster. Chengdu international sports city focuses on the construction of "international sports leisure industry benchmark land! Low-carbon city construction demonstration site! Complete sense of wireless digital city demonstration area!" It is an important carrier for the development of modern service industry, especially sports and leisure industry.

At the beginning of 2007, the state sports administration set up the only state-level sports industry base in the west of chengdu. Rely on golden horse river unique ecological advantages, the organic combination of sports and leisure, expand the sports fitness extension, to merge with the depth of the culture, tourism, construction of sports tourism, sports leisure, service and brand competition of national sports industry base.

It is reported that chengdu golden horse international sports city will be in a professional tournament as the lead, gather the equestrian, ice and snow, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, badminton, gymnastics, water sports, such as a variety of international and national competitions, perennial tournament continuously; With sports and leisure as the characteristics, development experience, training, entertainment, tourism, exhibition and other functions, gathering popularity, developing economy; We will develop high-end industries such as research and development, intermediary, headquarter, media and sales to develop high-end industries, and promote sports services in western China. Aiming at city integrated production, formation of commerce developed, function is perfect, the emerging industry of rural modern city group, focus on cultivating the modern horse industry, ice and snow industry, basketball, water sports industry.

In the core industry of sports city, the equestrian industry is particularly interesting. Last September, chengdu, China - 2010 golden horse equestrian sports cultural tourism festival held successfully, successfully set up the salween "equestrian sport" brand, let chengdu international sports city equestrian industry preliminary appearance. A year later, the 2011 Chinese equestrian festival will appear in the chengdu wenjiang river in mid-september. By the high-quality goods of Chinese equestrian festival 2011 events, exhibitions conferences and cultural activities of three parts, chengdu salween by building low carbon smart rural modern new city, the development of Chinese sports leisure industry demonstration zone, has gradually built characteristic equestrian sports city. Under such a vision, equestrian events are only a distinctive "trump card" in jinma international sports city. Nowadays, beside the golden horse racecourse, golden horse river level 3 sites, equestrian sports park and other major industrialization project site, the sweat and hard work the workers are in constant quietly building a sports tourism new town. The major industrialization projects, such as qiaobo skiing and CBA basketball stadium, have added a lot of vitality to the city.

Will be born in chengdu jinma international sports city of the leisure sports industry, will introduce new urban leisure new trend for the urbanites. At present, the public service and infrastructure of sports city are becoming more and more perfect, and the teddy bear museum and hengdian five-star cinema have been introduced. European commercial pedestrian street is also busy attracting investment; Construction will also begin in the outdoor area of the western first harbour city. Luxury hotels such as the snow and ice hotel and the xinhai international hotel will also be the symbol of sports city. Tourists come to the sports city to enjoy the fun of sports, enjoy the fun of shopping and enjoy eating, living and doing. In the longer term, to retain more tourists, to realize the second consumption of tourism.

Chengdu international sports city let the people feel the passion of sports, the sharing of sports, the sharing of happy thoughts clear, to find the point of focus, made a very beneficial attempt. At present, chengdu international sports city is progressing steadily according to the "three steps". In the first stage, two to three years were used to build a comprehensive urban functional area with featured events, tourism, entertainment, shopping and culture, and emphasized its comprehensive positioning. In the second stage, it will be built into the most participatory and recreational urban tourist attractions in chengdu in 3 to 5 years, and will become a must-visit place for outsiders to chengdu. In the third stage, it will be built in 5 to 10 years as a place for international sports and cultural exchange and gathering, becoming an important gateway area for the international cities. Chengdu international sports city is like a horse galloping, and it is a solid step to build a demonstration area of China's sports and leisure industry.